10 Employee Appreciation Ideas Your Team Will Love

Posted by Melissa Tham on 01-May-2018 00:00:00

“No great achievement is possible without persistent work”-Bertrand Russell

In Singapore, Labour Day falls on May 1 every year. It is a public holiday that commemorates the effort of working people who have contributed to the success and strength of the economy. While you are enjoying the day off, take a moment to remember and acknowledge the people on whose your work and success depends on.

Here are 10 employee appreciation ideas your team will love:

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  1. Lunch with the CEO/Founder/Leader

You might be surprised how many employees would jump at the chance to have a meal with the leaders of their company. Since most employees seldom interact with top management, this would be a special treat for employees.

 2. Bring-your-pet-to-work Day

Not every business would allow this, but if your employees are pet-centric, consider having a day where your employee can bring their dog, rabbit or cat in with them to work.

 3. Provide free subscription to online courses

Lifelong learning not only benefits the employee, but their company too. A career-based award motivates employee to upgrade their skills. Even if they are taking up a course that is not directly relevant to their work, it shows that you are vested in their wellbeing.

 4. Grant time off from work

Each company have a quota on the amount of annual leave employees have. A little extra free time is always welcome regardless of how much employees love their job.

 5. Help with the commute

Transportation can be costly when you consider that not all employees stay near their workplace. While you can’t cover all transportation costs, consider helping out by paying for season parking at your office building or gifting a train or bus concession pass to help with their daily expenses.

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 6. Be boss for a day

While you obviously can’t handover the company cheque-book, let your employee experience some of the perks that come with being a boss. They could have an extra long lunch break, park at a privileged spot or play golf in the boardroom.

 7. Organise team outings

Treat everyone to a fun company activity such as laser tag, bowling or karaoke. Have no work agenda on that day and allow your employees take the lead on what activities they would like to do as a group.

 8. Offer surprise bonuses

Most employees feel that their hard work is acknowledged when they are rewarded with monetary incentives. You might give cash or consider non-cash incentives such as shopping vouchers. Financial incentives never fails to brighten anyone’s day.

 9. Cater a lunch party

The way to your employee’s heart is through their stomachs. You can never go wrong with food. Host a themed lunch such as a pizza, sushi or fried chicken party. Let your employees decide while you cover the costs of food.

 10. Sponsor a holiday

Sponsor a stay-cation at a local hotel or resort for your employee to relax with their family. This is a fun way to reward your employee for working hard by playing hard. Giving a gift that allows your employee to recharge and unwind can be a huge motivator to performing better at work! 

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Written by Melissa Tham