12 Brilliant Ideas for a Fun Workplace

Posted by Melissa Tham on 28-Aug-2017 00:00:00
How can you make your workplace a fun place? Here are 12 brilliant ideas you need to consider:

  1. Organise a monthly lunch outing to try different food and select a winner at the end of the year. Show up as a team and give the restaurant an award.

 2. Have employees bring their childhood pictures. Post them in a common area and have people make their guesses on who they are.

3. Have a department pet (It can be a dog, cat, fish, rabbits, hamsters, whichever is allowed)

4. Organise TED Thursdays. Plan a lunch-in session so everyone can have lunch and watch the TED video. Let everyone offer their opinions on the topic being discussed and why it is relevant to the organisation.

5. Showcase your employees’ talents. Dedicating a day in the week for them to teach (build a terrarium, fold origami roses or any skill) while the rest of their colleagues learn something useful.

6. Host a book club and have everyone bring a book to share ideas that are useful or relevant to the department.

 7. Set up a room where employees can destress by playing video games, playing pool or relaxing on a massage chair.

 8. Create ‘friendly competition’ by roping in another department to have sports friendly matches or office scavenger games.

 9. Devote one day in a week where everyone in the department can bring food to match the theme such as “Fruity Friday”, “Muffins Monday” or “Tacos Thursdays”.

 10. Auction off lunch with the company CEO or C-level executives and donate the money towards the department’s monthly funds for lunch.

 11. Plan a monthly trip to somewhere that is educational or fun for employees. For instance, cooking classes, escape rooms or a manufacturing facility.

 12. Organise a “Who’s your angel?” game every quarter, where employees are showered with inexpensive gifts from a mystery ‘angel’. They can then prepare a gift for their angel when they are revealed at the end of the game.

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Topics: Effective Teams

Written by Melissa Tham