4 Really Effective Persuasion Techniques you Need to Know

In most negotiation processes, persuasion is necessary to convince others to accept our opinions and increase your influence on them.

Here are 4 really effective persuasion techniques you need to know:











1. Let them say ‘No’

Give the other party a chance to say ‘no’ by making a ridiculous demand. Once they have turned down your requests, put forward a more reasonable demand. This may serve to make the other party feel more obligated to make a concession.  For instance, the other party may turn down a demand to parade down the streets with a signboard, but may consider sharing the message through social media.

 2. Gain commitment

Most people have a desire to be consistent in what they do. If they have committed to something, they are more inclined to follow through. For instance, you could start by encouraging the other party to accede to a modest request. They are then more likely to follow up with their commitment by agreeing to your larger demands.

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 3. Create a sense of scarcity

People want more of what they don’t have. There is a sense of urgency when something is in limited quantity. For instance, shops hold sales or promotions with the “while stocks last” tagline to get people to buy. In presenting your offer to others, they are more likely to want it if you have something that offers them benefits they are not able to get elsewhere.

 4. Adopt social influence

When making a decision, people look to what has been done previously or successful examples to justify their decisions. Demonstrate how your products or service has worked for others. For instance, if someone has liked a Facebook post, it is more likely that you would like the post compared to a post that has no likes yet.

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