5 Practical Steps to Coach Your Employees for Success

It may be a new task, new skill or new process that it is necessary for the manager to coach their employees on.

Here are 5 practical steps to coach your employees for success:


1. Prepare the employee

  1. Introduce the need for you to coach your employee on the required task
  2. Seek your employee’s commitment to improve by learning the required task
  3. Ask for ideas and suggestions from the employee
  4. Establish objectives and learning goals for the required task

 2. Demonstrate or describe the desired performance

  1. Explain the main steps towards achieving the goal
  2. Give a hands-on demonstration if necessary
  3. Role-play correct behaviours
  4. Have your employee explain to you the instructions for completing the task
  5. Review the desired performance with examples for a better understanding
3. Create a positive environment

  1. Re-assure the employee about his ability to execute the task
  2. Encourage the employee to express concerns and listen to them
  3. Communicate your expectations to the employee
  4. Share problems or obstacles that might occur while executing the task
4.  Have the employee do the required task

  1. Provide the resources required to do the task
  2. Take photographs, video the process and take notes of the process for a detailed analysis after the execution of the task
  3. Check in with the employee to see if there are any issues while carrying out the tasks

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 5. Do the follow-up

  1. Praise and congratulate the employee
  2. Give detailed feedback
  3. Schedule additional coaching if needed
  4. Ask the employee for suggestions to improve your coaching skills

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