How to Engage Millennials

Born between 1980 to 2002, Millennials are the youngest members of the workforce. Managing millennials is all about engaging them.

Here are our tips on how to engage Millennials and keep them happy and productive at work:


1. Refrain from restricting Internet or social media use

Many companies have strict rules on surfing the Internet and using social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter during work hours, believing that those are a waste of time and causing productivity to decline. However, Millennials grew up with technology and banning them at work can only mean that they will secretly access them using their mobile devices. Not only are Millennials tech savvy, they are tech dependent. The use of Internet and social media outlets help Millennials to research, communicate and engage with information and people who help them do their work better.

 2. Give constructive feedback

Millennials are used to getting feedback and attention from their parents and other adults from young. At work, they expect to have constant feedback on how they are doing. They look forward to knowing what they have done correctly and what they need improvement in. However, they may not take negative feedback in a good way, hence managers have to be proficient in communicating their weaknesses in a positive manner.

 3. Allow for flexibility

Rather than a top-down or bottom-up approach, Millennials prefer to work in a collaborative manner. Most managers adopt a “If I don’t see you in the office, you are not working” mindset. However, Millennials thrive when their results and impact of their work are valued more than the time they spent at their desks. Managers need to understand that not everyone needs to work in the same way to achieve results. If your Millennial employee is more productive doing work at Starbucks or at home, give them freedom to do their best work in the way they work best.

 4. Be approachable

Workplace hierarchies are a turn-off for Millennials as they prefer managers and supervisors who adopt an open door policy. Create an environment where Millennials feel at ease in approaching managers with ideas and concerns. Millennials put a huge value on open communication and believe that it is essential in getting things done at work.

 5. Involve them in corporate social responsibility programs

Millennials believe that they have the power to change the world. Make corporate responsibility a highlight at your organisation and involve the Millennials in developing initiatives for your company’s social responsibility programs. Create opportunities for volunteering and giving back to society. This will make them feel good and proud about working at your company and motivate them to help the company grow its potential.

We hope that this article is helpful. Do you have any tips you would like to add?

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