5 Ways to Empathise and Respond to Others' Emotional Needs

Having a purpose in life, desiring job security and having a sense of autonomy and control are some examples of emotional needs. Different people have different emotional needs. Here are 5 ways to empathise and respond to the emotional needs of others.

1. Clarifying by being tactful and sensitive

When you do not understand something, be sure to clarify in a tactful and sensitive manner. You do not want to make the other person feel as if you are interrogating him/her.

2. Use active listening skills

When you listen actively, it shows that you care for the other person and that you are willing to take time to understand what the other person is going through or having issues with.

  1. Gather facts from various sources

Before passing your judgement, gather facts from different sources. This will allow you to understand the situation from a more objective way.

4. Put yourself in the other person’s shoes

It is easy to label others but we may not understand what others are going through. Take a moment and ask yourself “If I were in his/her shoes, what will I do?”. Be as empathetic as you can in order to understand what the other person is experiencing or feeling.

5. Form an opinion

After listening actively, showing empathy and gathering the facts, it is time to make an opinion or decision based on the emotion that was experienced and how you responded accordingly.


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