Business Etiquette Around the World

Going on a business trip overseas?

Business customs vary tremendously around the world. The basic business card that you carry with you serves as an introduction of who you are but how you present yourself in different cultures is important as you do not want to offend your clients.

Here’s a guide to business greetings and business card etiquette around the world:

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Greeting: Handshake with everyone-starting with the most senior and oldest person first.

Name card: Given and received with both hands, It is customary to study the card for a short amount of time before keeping it away.


Greeting: Bowing is the most common greeting, but some may offer a handshake.

Name card: Given and received with both hands, kept in immaculate condition.


Greeting: Men shake hands with men when meeting or leaving. Traditional Indian women may shake hands with foreign women but not usually with men.

Name card: Be sure to give out and receive business cards using your right hand only and make sure your qualifications are stated on the card.

United Kingdom and United States

Greeting: Firm handshake with anyone you meet.

Name card: Business cards are exchanged in an informal manner and there are no predefined ritual.

United Arab Emirates

Greeting: Handshakes should be gentle and not firm or dominant. Initiating handshakes with women should be avoided to demonstrate your respect.

Name card: Be sure to give out and receive business cards using your right hand only.


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