Conducting Performance Appraisals in 10 Easy Steps

By Melissa Tham

The performance review meeting is a formal conversation based upon the informal conversations that have happened prior. The goal is to make the meeting productive and produce outcomes that benefit both the employee and the company.

Here is a guide to conducting performance appraisals in 10 easy steps:

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  1. Set the climate for a productive interchange. Welcome the employee with a smile.
  2. Set the room up such that you sit beside your employee at a table or comfortable chairs, rather than across the desk from each other.
  3. Inform the employee on the ground rules of the meeting: Being frank, open, positive and factual as much as possible.
  4. Start by reviewing the employee’s job. The nature of the job scope may be slightly different compared to the start of the year. Also, your employee may have attained a skill set that allows a new dimension to the job.
  5. Review the goals that were set previously.
  6. Review the employee’s achievements. Refer to your notes made on your employee where you kept records of his accomplishments.
  7. Review areas where improvement is needed. Be specific about your concerns. Ask for ideas to improve weaknesses. Suggest some ideas to help the employee and gain commitment.
  8. Discuss development and career aspirations. Be honest about opportunities for advancement and offer platforms for employees to undertake new projects.
  9. Ask for feedback on the session. Is your employee satisfied? Has the meeting met his objectives?
  10. Summarize the key points of the appraisal and end the meeting on a good note.



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