How to Engage Generation X Workers

Generation X workers are born between the years of 1964 to 1980.

With many Baby Boomers departing the workforce due to retirement and Millennials trying to gain a foothold in the workforce, Generation X workers are considered valuable resources.

Here are 4 ways to engage generation X workers:

1. Provide training and development

Generation X workers has weathered economic recessions, corporate downsizing and retrenchments. They understand the importance of upgrading themselves to stay relevant in today’s changing world. Offer them the chance to go for skills training, “stretch assignments” and lateral job transfers. They see ongoing training as beneficial for their personal and career development.

 2. Offer autonomy at work

Generation X workers enjoy working on multiple tasks and projects. However, the key here is to allow them to prioritise and give them control over their work. Rather than interfere or micro-manage their work, managers and supervisors should allow Generation X workers the freedom to accomplish their tasks. This results in them feeling more satisfied and enjoying their work more.

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 3. Give feedback frequently

Generation X workers were the “latchkey kids” generation and their personal identity were somewhat influenced by the absence of their parents. They seemed to crave attention and yearned for recognition. Managers could give feedback more often to Generation X workers, regardless of whether it is positive or negative feedback. This will motivate them to take action and become more effective workers.

 4. Use technology in meetings

Generation X workers were the first to grow up with technology. They prefer to communicate by sending emails or online services such as video conferencing. If the meeting agenda is a straight forward case, consider sending the meeting details via email or a report. Generation X prefer the personalisation and convenience offered by technology to make their work efficient.

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