Importance of Compatibility in Mentoring

There needs to be a certain degree of compatibility between the mentor and mentee in order for mentoring to be successful. Here are some factors to consider when matching mentors to mentees. 

1. The mentor should be accessible to the mentee 

It should be relatively easy for the mentee to make contact with the mentor, based on the means that is agreed between both parties. 

2. The mentor must be willing to take on the mentoring role 

As a mentor, your role is not to simply tell the mentee what to do. You will need to provide guidance on issues faced by the mentee, impart knowledge and experience and be committed to helping your mentee grow. Thus, the decision to be a mentor must not be taken lightly.

3. The styles and personalities of both parties should be compatible.  

A simple questionnaire could determine what each party expects from the mentoring and how they view mentoring. 


Topics: Managing People