How to Motivate Employees: Boost Employees' Morale

There is a direct link between morale and motivation. A high morale work environment translate into more productive workplaces where employees collaborate better, enjoy higher work satisfaction and generally feel good about going to work everyday.

Here are 3 tips to boost your staff morale:

  1. Lead by example

Do what you say you will do. By walking the talk, you become a role model that others in the workplace will want to emulate.  Managers who say one thing and do another might erode credibility in their employees. When you take the time to chat with new employees or be the first to ask the hard questions, you set certain standards and expectations of how the company culture will be. Leaders set the direction and inspire others in the company to follow them.

2. Be truthful and stay human

It is impossible to leave our human side at the door when we go into the office. The human side is the side that connects you to other people. It is okay to share your mistakes, your ambitions and your hopes with your co-workers. Employees will appreciate your honesty and that shapes the attitudes they bring to work. This will lead to a more open and trustworthy environment.

3. Make it fun to be at work

Having fun at work reduces stress and tension, unite employees and eliminates boredom. When employees view the workplace as a place to fulfil their different needs, they will be motivated to perform. Laugh with employees, not at them, help them see the lighter side of things and organise group lunches to enhance opportunities for bonding. When employees feel happy at work, they become more productive.


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