How to Network Within Your Organisation

When you are newly promoted, it doesn’t mean that everyone in your organisation knows about it. Rather than rely on the email memorandum from human resources department, take this chance to raise your visibility by networking actively in the following ways:

1. Join cross departmental teams

Working with other departments can bring you new perspectives and allow you to gain new skills along the way. It is also a good way to get to know your colleagues from the other departments. When you contribute your skills to the team, you could potentially earn the respect of influential leaders whom you might otherwise not meet.

2. Make the rounds

Take a walk around your company and introduce yourself. Most people would be glad to open up to you if you start saying things like “Hi, I am ___ from the ___Department. I heard you did a great job with___ or I heard that you are an expert at____”. A two-way exchange of information enables both parties to explore ways to collaborate and discover issues that could be solved by putting heads together.

3. Be proactive

Look through your company’s intranet to find out who the various heads of departments are and make a conscious effort to connect with them. Whether it is at the next managerial meeting, company event or business retreat, find an opportunity to introduce yourself to as many people as possible. Engage in small talk to create a bridge between the two of you so that you can contact the other party when you need help. If you can help with a current situation, offer to share your experience and resources.

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