October 2021 Release Notes


🚀 New

  • Quiz Marking Enhanced: Quiz marking support is here! Select how you would like to order your answers straight from the Create Quiz Display.
    • There are three marking settings you can choose from:
      • Select "Order doesn’t matter" when the order of user answers shouldn’t affect the scoring matrix.
      • Select "Answer should be in order" when the order of user answers must affect the scoring matrix.
      • Select "All items in the answer should be in exact position" if you require exact terms to be correctly placed in user answers.
  • New Quiz Type: You can now add match type questions in Quizzes. Start by selecting ‘Matching’ to create a match type question. With matching, users will be tasked to fill in both columns (as seen in the example below).
  • Agent Assignment: Superadmins can now assign admins for specific agents, so you have the right people to manage the portal resources. Head to ‘User Groups’ to get started.

✨ Enhanced

  • Document Tagging: We've improved the algorithms on Document Tags, so it'll provide you with more accurate tagging suggestions.
  • Microsoft Teams: New enhancements are LIVE on our Microsoft Teams.
    • It now supports Quiz's One at a time mode.
    • Quiz Questions can display text, images, bulleted list, numbered list, link and text formatting (bold, italics, underline, strikethrough) and quotes.
    • You can now show descriptions, scores, answers and marks per each quiz question.
    • Teams now have Class Support.
    • View Quiz Review Submissions for Teams.
    • Teams support conditional messages and buttons based on a score.
    • Randomise Question Pooling on Teams.
    • We’ve added support for description questions, table questions and matching questions.
  • View Past Changes: The change is here! Admins can now view previously edited question-response pairs for the selected documents under Quiz.
  • Header Description Quizzes: Users can now input responses in both header and description. They can also add more rows!

🛠 Fixed

  • Feedback Table: We've fixed UI issues in the feedback table.
  • Suggestions: Don't worry about empty states in Manage Suggestions. We've got it handled.

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