The 10 Questions You Need to Ask When Preparing Your Employees for Stretch Assignments

When designing a stretch assignment, the manager needs to ensure that the level of challenge of the assignment is compatible with the readiness of the employee.

Here are 10 questions you need to ask when preparing your employee: 

  1. What are the desired outcomes for the stretch assignment?

  2. How will engaging in this stretch assignment allow the employee to grow?

  3. What will be used to assess the employee’s progress and success?

  4. What adjustments need to be made to the employee’s current role to allow him/her to perform in the new role successfully?

  5. What resources or supplies are needed to support him/her in the stretch assignment?

  6. What are the specific skills or competencies required to justify assigning the employee to this stretch assignment?

  7. How will the employee record and report an account of progress and learning?

  8. How will accomplishments by the employee be recorded or celebrated?

  9. Are the necessary organisational conditions present to ensure that the employee has a realistic chance of succeeding at the stretch assignment?

  10. Does management show support for the implementation of the stretch assignment?

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