Who let the Dogs out? Why Your Company Should Celebrate Take a Dog to Work Day

Studies have shown that bringing pets to work can increase productivity. This year, 22 June 2018 is Take Your Dog to Work Day. What better way to celebrate than to bring your furry friend (s) to your workplace?

Here are 7 reasons why your company should celebrate take a dog to work day:

7 reasons _dog

1. Free cleanup crew

There will always be someone there to finish leftovers at lunch meetings.

2. Chief Barketing Officer

Who doesn’t want to have a Chief Barketing Officer join the team?

3. More active employees

Pets at work keep the employees more active and less sedentary, which is good for their overall health and well-being.

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4. Cheers up employees

Having dogs at work keeps spirits high and adds a bit of humour to the office. Everyone can use a good laugh once in a while.

5. They do their job

They do their job well as greeters to any clients that may be visiting.

 6. Initiate interactions

 Pets can help trigger conversations that would not normally take place. They’re pretty great at networking, if you ask me.

 7. Lower stress levels

We all know that pets can help decrease stress levels. What better place than work to help with that?

Do’s and Don’ts:

  1. Place your dog's bed beside your work desk
  2. Keep your dog out of the pantry.
  3. Bring your dog’s favourite blanket, food and water bowls.
  4. Try taking your dog for some light exercise before arriving at the office so they aren't too excited and are more likely to settle and be calmer.
  5. Be prepared to clean up after your dog if there are any accidents.
  6. Don't forget to give your dog toilet breaks and walks throughout the day.
  7. Reward your dog's calm behaviour with treats.


 We hope that this article is helpful. Do you have any tips you would like to add?

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