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Overcoming Educational Barriers with AI: University of London's Strategy for Global Student Engagement

The University of London is proud to announce its recent accolade, a 2023 Gartner Eye on Innovation Awards for Education. This recognition is thanks to the successful piloting of Walter, an AI-based learning tool from Noodle Factory. The university's forward-thinking approach to integrating artificial intelligence (AI) technology in education is changing the game.

Addressing Educational Challenges

Educational institutions worldwide, including the University of London, face intricate challenges in their pursuit of exceptional learning experience. With a distributed student body of more than 40,000 individuals from over 190 countries, the university recognised the need for innovative solutions.

The university turned to Noodle Factory's AI platform, Walter, in a bid to solve these problems. By doing this, the University of London became pioneers in using AI to meet the demands of modern education.

AI-Engaged Learning with Walter

Walter, an AI-powered chatbot, was designed by education professionals and optimised using the University of London's world-class course material. This valuable tool seamlessly integrates within the existing virtual learning environments to provide immediate feedback and support for students while empowering educators to retain control over their teaching styles.

As expressed by Tim Hall, a senior manager in the product innovation team at the University of London, "Our expectations are that it complements teacher-led instruction while allowing educators to retain control over their teaching methods."

Walter at Work: Promising Results & Vision Ahead

Walter's introduction into the learning framework yielded significant enthusiam amongst students, who leveraged it extensively as a revision tool. Its promising potential is evident in the current usage data: 275 chat sessions, 220 unique users, both quantitative and qualitative data collected illustrating an average feedback score of 4 out of 5.

The University is committed to using this innovative testing period to assemble empirical and qualitative data further refining strategic implementation of AI in education.

Encouraging Continued Innovation

Collaborating with Noodle Factory's AI platform, Walter has signalled an exhilarating development in the educational landscape, and the University of London is eager to probe deeper into the potential this technology holds. Thanks to the Gartner Eye on Innovation Awards for recognising these ground-breaking initiatives!

Explore this journey in detail by viewing the award-winning submission for the Gartner's Innovation Award.

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