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Abraar Syed

Abraar Syed
Hi, I am Abraar Syed. I spend most of my time building tools, games and softwares for people. Being a tech enthusiast and an engineer by choice, I have a constant thirst for learning, exploring new technologies and using my knowledge to develop impactful products. It gives me a sense of accomplishment to see how my work makes a difference to so many lives around me. Alongside, it also acts as my motivational factor, wanting me to do more and thus keeps me going. Being an extrovert, fun loving and humorous soul, I definitely enjoy socializing, meeting new people and being part of productive discussions. This is why I spend most of my leisure influencing young minds and building communities. I have been an active member of many open source and free software organisations like FSMK (Volunteer) and Mozilla (Regional Ambassador Lead).

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