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Enhancing Student Engagement: Dr. Vino's Case Study on Integrating AI into Education

Next-Level Learning with Walter, Noodle Factory's AI Teaching Platform

We're delighted to share the fascinating journey of Dr Vino, an esteemed lecturer at Taylor's University, Malaysia. Steadfast in her mission to provide her students with a better learning experience with educational technology (or EdTech for short), Dr Vino integrated Walter, Noodle Factory's cutting-edge AI teaching assistant, into her teaching philosophy module.

Her bold experiment paid off. Recognised with a Bronze Award at the university's Taylor's Award-EMAS, Dr Vino didn't just stop there. Harnessing the power of Walter for research, she conducted an impactful study exploring how artificial intelligence (AI) can catalyse cognitive, affective, and behavioural growth in students. This insightful exploration garnered a Silver Award at the University of Malaya!

Intrigued to know more about Dr Vino's AI-powered academic accomplishments? We certainly were! So, we caught up with her for a riveting conversation.

Q: Hi Dr Vino, introduce yourself.

My name is Vino. I'm from the School of Education at Taylor’s University. I teach both at the postgraduate and undergraduate levels. In postgraduate courses, I cover topics like philosophy in schooling, managing learners, learning teaching, and the 21st-century learner. For undergraduates, I teach subjects such as philosophy, curriculum design, and teaching diverse learners. Alongside teaching, I also supervise both postgraduate and undergraduate students. I'm actively involved in training and developing academic staff and students, as well as participating in community services.

Q: What initially drew you to the Noodle Factory’s AI teaching platform, Walter, and made it stand out as a tool for your teaching?

I came across the Noodle Factory's AI teaching platform, Walter, through Taylor's University's introduction. The opportunity piqued my curiosity about what Walter could offer. I explored further and learned that Walter is an AI tutor. My interest grew due to the widespread attention AI has been receiving, not only in the tech industry but also in its potential to revolutionise education. As a tech enthusiast and educator, I was eager to test how AI could enhance our teaching and learning processes. I'm always keen to adopt new technologies to improve my students' learning experiences.

Q: How has the platform positively impacted your students’ learning experience?

I've noticed three key areas of positive impact. Firstly, in terms of cognitive engagement, I aim for students to take control of their learning at their own pace. Walter assists by providing immediate answers to their questions while studying online, enhancing their willingness to invest effort and time in learning. This allows us to focus on more challenging activities during in-person classes.

Secondly, in emotional engagement, students feel more confident and engaged with the learning process. Mastering basic concepts through Walter's assistance enables them to actively participate in class discussions, quizzes, and other activities.

Lastly, from a behaviour engagement perspective, students become more active learners. They are no longer passive recipients of information. Walter empowers them to ask questions and seek clarification outside of class hours, ultimately aiding their progress throughout the semester.

Q: What are the benefits you’d highlight to an educator who is considering using Walter in their teaching?

Walter offers several benefits to educators. It simplifies the integration of AI into teaching without requiring programming skills. Educators can upload teaching materials to the platform and use them to create answers and assessments, allowing more time for content creation. This transforms educators from content experts into content curators, enhancing the learning experience with organised and meaningful materials.

However, it's essential to note that Walter doesn't replace educators but acts as an AI teaching assistant. Educators remain in control of content and can guide students' learning. Walter bridges gaps, answers common questions, and frees up educators' time for more complex tasks.

Incorporating Walter depends on the educator's preference and willingness to learn. While it may require some initial effort, the benefits for both educators and students are substantial. It enhances student engagement, encourages active learning, and contributes to higher-order thinking. Ultimately, Walter empowers educators to create a more interactive and efficient learning environment.

Immerse yourself in our insightful conversation with Dr. Vino by watching the full interview below:

Dr. Vino’s story is one of many. Around the globe, innovators, thought leaders, and disruptors continue to shape the trajectory of education and technology - and we're excited to bring you their stories through our Spotlight series.

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