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Noodle Factory and Kolibri Education Accelerate AI Advancements in Education, Paving the Future for Schools and Institutions in Turkey and the Middle East

11 January 2024

Noodle Factory, an innovator in transformative generative AI solutions for education, and Kolibri Education, a leading global education in Turkey, announced a strategic partnership. This collaboration promises to elevate the educational landscape in Turkey and across the Middle East, bringing the future to schools and higher education institutions today.

"Noodle Factory is thrilled to collaborate with Kollibri Education as part of our expansion strategy," stated Yvonne Soh, Co-Founder of Noodle Factory. "We believe in the transformative potential of AI in education, and this partnership presents a great opportunity to enhance teaching and learning practices in Turkey and the broader Middle East."

This ground-breaking partnership indicates a significant step toward integrating teaching with cutting-edge digital technologies. "We are pioneering change, actioning the AI revolution,” voiced Cem Susuz from Kollibri Education. "Our alliance with Noodle Factory has enabled us to shape the AI solution that educational institutions and schools across Turkey and the Middle East have been seeking."

This forward-thinking partnership traces back to the BETT 2023 Education show in London. Driven by a vision of future-focused education, the partners have paved a trajectory for significant advancements in integrating AI into the curriculums of Turkish schools and higher education institutions.

Inspired by the words "Everybody's talking about the future. We're bringing the future," this partnership is dedicated to catalysing the widespread application of AI in education. Through this pioneering initiative, Noodle Factory and Kolibri Education are not only bringing the future closer but shaping the landscape of teaching and learning in Turkey and the Middle East.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates on how this partnership will bring transformation and innovation to educational institutions in Turkey and the wider Middle East region.

About Noodle Factory

Co-founded by Yvonne Soh and Jim Wagstaff, Noodle Factory revolutionises education with a Generative AI-driven teaching assistant platform. Empowering educators to effortlessly create dynamic AI tutors, it transforms learning experiences, overcoming time constraints, and delivering personalized education for students.

About Kolibri Education

Kolibri Education, founded by Cem Susuz, is at the forefront of educational technologies innovation within and beyond Turkey.


Noodle Factory PR Team

Kolibri Education Media Team

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