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Addressing Scaling & Personalization Challenges with AI in Navarro & Associates



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"I first learned about Noodle Factory in November of 2022... It became evident within minutes that Walter was the way forward to solve these challenges"


This narrative unfolds the trailblazing collaboration of Silvio Navarro, a changemaker in corporate training, and Noodle Factory, delivering a comprehensive blueprint for harnessing AI for training and development.

The Pioneer: Silvio Navarro

As an enabler of change in the landscape of corporate sales training across continents, Silvio Navarro, Managing Director of Navarro and Associates Singapore, has proven his leadership in developing state-of-the-art training programs. His work across industry giants like Dell, Cisco, HPE, and Google, has transcended traditional methods, marking a fresh hallmark of bespoke, tailor-made training modules.

The Game Changer: Embracing AI with Walter

Silvio's quest for a solution to the escalating challenge of enabling sellers to deeply understand "Buying Personas" led him to Noodle Factory and its cutting-edge AI platform, Walter. This meeting of minds sparked the evolution of Walter into the 'Buying Persona Coach', proficiently navigating over 1,500 documents and supporting an astounding 180 languages.


"With Walter, we are able to share a skill and then (instantly) apply that skill in the workshop... This has all been made possible by the AI Persona Coach"


Reinventing Training Programs

The integration of AI has triggered a paradigm shift in Navarro's training programs, from revolutionising pre-session preparation to enabling immediate application of new skills. Guided by the "Know, Show, Do, Review" paradigm, Walter guarantees a personalised learning environment to non-English speaking participants.

The Impact: Testimonies of Success

The transformation effected by Walter is evident in the escalated offerings of Navarro and Associates from 40 to an average of 90 programs per year. A striking example is the recorded NPS of 89% and a robust satisfaction score of 94%. Walter continued supporting learners post-program, answering over 12,000 questions from more than 2,000 chats.

Navarro and Associates increased its offerings from 40 to 90 programs per year.
The programs recorded an NPS of 89% and a robust satisfaction score of 94%.
Walter answered over 12,000 questions from more than 2,000 chats.


The Unique Advantage: Walter

At its core, Walter boasts six unique selling points: a secure, walled-off private content system, as well as robust security and compliance architecture, ease and speed of setup and administration, a mature end-user client interface, in-line language support, and cost-effectiveness.


"Sit down with your clients and identify a problem that needs to be solved... It's all about use case, not the AI... Sell the problem you solve, not the product. Use Case, Use Case, Use Case!"


Guidance for New Resellers

Silvio's advice for prospective resellers is forthright: "Identify a real-world problem that needs to be solved, and get started". He emphasises focusing on the Use Case and exploiting the low barrier of entry, underscoring the importance of "Use Case, Use Case, Use Case!"

Future of Training with AI

Silvio sees immense potential in AI-enriched personalised training, with an upcoming initiative with "Auto Evaluations'', applying AI for systematic evaluation of student activities and submissions. He looks forward to closing the critical feedback loop, providing learners with real-time feedback.

Silvio leaves with a call to action for potential resellers or partners: "Get started. Use the sandbox features. Find the problem, prototype it." Echoing his growth mantra, "If you build it and it works, they will come".

The success of Navarro and Associates using AI-assisted training represents a telling prophecy for the future, illustrating the continual evolution of corporate training steered by innovative leaders like Silvio Navarro. 

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