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What You Need to Know About Virtual Onboarding

What You Need to Know About Virtual Onboarding

So, you want to use artificial intelligence to do virtual onboarding for new employees, but where to begin?

Not to worry, Noodle Factory has got you covered with this guide to virtual onboarding. Here, you’ll learn what virtual onboarding is, how it works, and why it’s important.

Read on if you’re ready to learn!

What is virtual onboarding?

Like traditional in-person onboarding, virtual onboarding is used to integrate new employees into the company by familiarising them with the existing products, services, processes, and team.

The key difference? Instead of doing all of this in person, virtual onboarding is done virtually with the help of tech tools.

By using video conferencing, live chat, on-demand videos, and automated chats, virtual onboarding can be as effective as or more effective than traditional onboarding.

Why virtual onboarding is important

Whether you use traditional in-person or virtual onboarding, the objective of onboarding remains the same – invest in employees, create a sense of belonging and loyalty, and increase understanding and sharing of company values.

The pandemic has changed most of our working habits and most companies now operate on a “work from anywhere” policy. This is why it’s increasingly crucial to invest in good virtual onboarding processes.

Gallup found a shocking 88 per cent of employees find their organisations do not have a good onboarding process. Could it be due to the fact that HCI found 58 per cent of organisations have onboarding programs that focus on processes and paperwork?

If that isn’t enough to convince you to invest in an effective virtual onboarding process, Glassdoor research shows companies with strong onboarding processes improve new employee retention by 82 per cent and productivity by more than 70 per cent.

So, if companies want to retain new employees, they need to work on their onboarding process pronto!

How to improve your onboarding process

There are a few quick and simple changes that will drastically and instantly improve your onboarding process.

These virtual onboarding tips include being prepared for new employees, designating mentors to new employees, documenting everything, good communication, and introducing company culture and values.

Our next article will dive into all those tips and how you can properly execute them, so stay tuned!

In Conclusion

If you can’t wait to use virtual onboarding bots and want to find out more about incorporating them into your company, you can check out Noodle Factory’s current promotion for Virtual Onboarding Bots here.

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