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What’s the big deal about just-in-time learning? Here’s everything you need to know.

By now, most of us know that every learner requires different approaches to learning. There are many newer-age teaching methods including flipped learning, universal design for learning, and blended learning design.

The future of education is here and it brings countless new learning trends in 2022.

With our constantly-changing environment with regards to technology and the workforce, it’s not surprising that there are all sorts of new jobs (and even industries) that we’re hearing for the first time.

Not every student will follow the traditional path in their education or career, which is why relevant and specific industry skills and knowledge is highly valuable.

How can you equip students with targeted knowledge? That’s where just-in-time learning comes in.

What’s the big deal about just-in-time learning? Here’s everything you need to know.

What is just-in-time learning?

This just in: the newest approach to learning.

Just-in-time learning gives you access to knowledge and information, just when you need it.

It allows learners to access on-demand information as and when they need it.

Why you should try just-in-time learning

The emphasis on continuous and lifelong learning creates a demand for alternative learning approaches that are flexible and relevant to student needs.

In this day and age, everything can be found and learned online. After all, you can even find online lectures and attend virtual events.

The biggest draw of just-in-time learning is the ease and flexibility it provides.

Benefits of just-in-time learning for various users

For existing students: Gives students a chance to experience different ventures.

For graduated students: They’re able to re-enter the education system easily at any time thanks to these bite-sized pieces of information.

For employees: They can gain targeted knowledge on a selected set of skills to further them in their industry.

For educators: Creates a learning environment that is more excited and motivated since students can access the knowledge they need, when they need.

How to implement just-in-time learning

3 best practices for just-in-time learning:

Mobile-optimise your learning management system or virtual environment

You should strive to make just-in-time learning as flexible as possible. As most students carry their smartphones with them everywhere they go, they will be able to access learning content on the go, even when they do not have their laptops.

Educators can use their school’s existing application, convince the institution to invest in one, or use a free app platform such as Canvas, Microsoft Teams, or Whatsapp.

Clearly categorise your learning content

It should be easy to navigate your learning system so students can find whatever they need.

If the learning system is complicated and difficult to navigate, it will take away from the accessibility and flexibility of just-in-time learning.

You can maximise just-in-time learning by adding these functions to your learning system:

  • Accurate search bar
  • Content tags and categories
  • Bookmarks
  • Notes
  • Highlights

Make your content bite-sized

The main selling point of just-in-time learning is the fact that students can quickly access easily digestible bits of information.

With shorter attention spans and busier schedules, it’s important to maintain bite-sized content to maintain student engagement and interest.

You can keep learning chapters short, but include links to more in-depth information for those who need it.

The bottom line

Are you excited to introduce just-in-time learning to your students? Start today!

If you need an all-in-one portal to power up your teaching experience, meet Walter, Noodle Factory’s learning buddy. Contact us for a demo.

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