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Overcoming Assessment Overload with AI: ITE's Journey with Walter for Enhanced Teaching Efficiency


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In today’s educational landscape, the demanding nature of manual assessments has become a significant challenge for lecturers at the Institute of Technical Education (ITE). This case study explores the transformative solution provided by integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) through Noodle Factory's AI teaching assistant, Walter, which has revolutionized teaching practices by streamlining assessment processes and personalized learning, ultimately enhancing the educational experience for both educators and students alike.

The Challenge: The Burden of Traditional Assessment Methods

Lecturers at ITE faced a major challenge: excessive time spent on administering and marking assessments. This traditional approach not only hampered their efficiency but also limited their ability to provide personalised feedback to their students.

"The manual process was time-consuming and exhausting, leaving less room for one-on-one sessions with students in need."


This bottleneck in the educational process underscored the need for an innovative solution that could alleviate the administrative burden and enhance learning outcomes.

Implementing AI: Introducing Walter to Transform Education

The Solution: Walter, An AI Teaching Assistant

To address the inefficiencies of manual grading, ITE turned to an AI-based solution, Walter, powered by Noodle Factory. Walter employs Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms to automatically grade open-ended questions, a task that previously consumed much of the lecturers' time.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Instant Feedback and Grading: Walter provides immediate results on assessments, enabling timely feedback for students.

  • Personalised Learning at Scale: Capable of adapting to each student's competency level, Walter facilitates personalised learning paths for a diverse range of students.

  • Enhanced Educator Productivity: Freed from the bulk of grading, lecturers can now focus on higher-value interactions, such as personalised tutoring and addressing students' specific needs.

The Impact: Educators and Students Thrive

Quantitative Outcomes:

  • 87% of ITE educators and students saw a marked improvement in the effectiveness of teaching and learning.

  • 84% of students found Walter to be highly engaging and straightforward to use.

  • 64% of lecturers reported a time savings of 50%-75% in the marking process, significantly enhancing their work-life balance.



of teachers and students logged saw improved effectiveness of teaching and learning


of students found Walter engaging and easy to use


of educators reported 50% to 75% time savings in grading



Qualitative Feedback:

Educators hailed Walter as a "trustworthy, reliable, and efficient AI teaching assistant," lauding its accuracy in marking and its capability to provide custom feedback. Students appreciated the instant feedback mechanism, which significantly contributed to their learning process.

Looking into the Future: ITE's Commitment to AI-enhanced Education

Following the successful integration of Walter, ITE signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Noodle Factory in 2022 to expand the use of AI in teaching and learning. Plans are underway to extend Walter's benefits to 4,000 enrolled students, showcasing ITE's commitment to leveraging AI for quality education.

In conclusion, Walter's implementation at ITE highlights the pivotal role AI can play in modernising education by enhancing teaching efficiency and improving learning outcomes. As we look to the future, Walter not only represents a significant leap towards personalised and efficient education but also sets a benchmark for the integration of AI in learning institutions worldwide.

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By embracing AI solutions like Walter, educational institutions can overcome traditional hurdles, paving the way for a more interactive, personalised, and efficient learning environment.

This case study is based on findings from an action research study published by the School of Business and Services, ITE College Central.


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