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The Future of Education: AI Tutors vs. Human Tutors

As we dive deeper into our digital age, new technologies are sprouting up in every corner, and education is not left out of this tech boom. Two superheroes in today's learning world - AI tutors and human tutors - are taking centre stage, all with a shared goal: to make learning better! In this article, we're taking a closer look at these two mighty tutors, how they work and what we can expect from tutoring in the future.


Defining AI Tutors

AI tutors, you might have heard the term, put artificial intelligence to work, tailoring learning to each student. They act a bit like a custom-built teacher, figuring out a student's strengths, finding their weak spots and changing their teaching style to best fit each student.

Human Tutors Explained

Human tutors, on the other hand, are our trusted traditional educators. They offer one-on-one or group teaching, focusing on specific areas that a student might need help with. Human tutors rely on their personal knowledge and good old-fashioned teaching methods to help learners crack tough topics and hurdle over any learning blocks.

The AI Tutor Evolution

A Groundbreaking Journey

In just a few years, AI technology has come on leaps and bounds. It's now more advanced than ever, making it perfect for a whole host of uses, one of the most exciting being education. Machine learning, a fancy term for when machines learn from experience, has gotten a lot better, letting us refine the learning environment and experience to a T.

AI's New Classroom Role

As AI technology continues to get more exciting, more and more schools are welcoming AI tutors with open arms. These handy learning tools provide support at any hour, ensuring learners get a truly unique education that is tailored just for them.

Human Tutors vs. AI Tutors: The Main Differences

Ways of Teaching

AI tutors use machine learning to adapt their teaching methods for each student, while human tutors use their natural instinct and life experiences to shape their teaching methods.


AI tutors can handle a vast amount of information very quickly and deliver personalised feedback in real time. Human tutors, while being very knowledgeable, might sometimes struggle with keeping up with many students at once.

Cost vs. Benefits

AI tutoring platforms usually provide a more affordable way to learn compared to hiring a private human tutor. But let's not forget the value that human tutors bring to the table, such as emotional understanding, personal connection, and the ability to relate on a deeper level.

Benefits of AI Tutors

Always Available

AI tutors are 'awake' 24/7. This means students can learn whenever they want and get the help they need at any time.

Made-to-measure Teaching

Thanks to machine learning, AI tutors can adjust their methods to precisely fit each unique learner's needs.

Benefits of Human Tutors

Emotional Intellect

The capacity of human tutors to interpret and respond to human emotions enables them to provide pointed responses to students' emotional and psychological needs.

Face-to-Face Learning

Nothing beats the engagement and motivation that comes from interacting face-to-face with a human tutor, which really supports students to to master intricate concepts and acquire a deep understanding of their subjects.

Challenges Faced by Both

Technical Issues with AI Tutors

AI-driven platforms may encounter technical issues or glitches, which could hinder the student's learning experience.

The Cost of Human Tutors

Hiring a private human tutor can be expensive, and their availability may be limited, restricting the student's access to personalised support.

The Future of Tutoring 

When it comes to the future of tutoring, it seems that AI and human tutors might actually end up being the perfect team. They each bring their own strengths to the table, complementing each other beautifully. The future of tutoring might just be a balanced mix of AI and human tutors, combining the benefits of both worlds.

Now, let's answer some common questions we often get asked:

Can AI tutors replace human ones?

Given the unique advantages of both, it's unlikely that AI tutors will replace human tutors entirely. Rather, the future might hold a tutoring model where AI and human tutors work together, side by side. Read more about this debate here.

Is data safe with AI?

AI-powered platforms are built with strong security measures to protect sensitive data. That said, it's always a good idea for users to check out each platform's privacy policies and security measures.

What subjects can AI tutors cover?

AI tutors can help students in many subjects, from math and languages to science and test preparation For instance, at Noodle Factory, we've designed an AI-powered teaching assistant platform that can be adapted to various fields and levels, allowing educators to upload their content and set up their own ChatGPT-style learning environment for students in minutes! So it's always best to check on each AI tool's specifications so you can choose one that meets your needs.

Are AI tutors good for students with learning disabilities?

Yes, AI tutors can be programmed to offer personalised learning experiences which can greatly help students with learning disabilities or special needs. But, it's always a good idea to check out each platform's specific capabilities in this area.

Have more questions? We answered more frequently asked questions here.

Can we expect better AI tutor tech in the future?

Absolutely! As AI continues to evolve, AI tutors are bound to get even better. We might see AI tutors with improved personalization techniques and even better integration with existing educational tools.

For anyone interested in finding out more about AI tutors, check out these awesome sources:

Remember, never stop learning and exploring the world of AI. There's always something new to discover in this incredible field!

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