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Noodle Factory partners with Vygo to empower students and educators with tools and mastery to champion each other

Singapore, 9 May 2022 – Noodle Factory, Singapore’s leading AI-powered EdTech platform, is pleased to announce their partnership with Vygo, an Australian-based one-stop hub for student support, offering complementary pilot programmes for educational institutions. While Noodle Factory leverages AI to scale exam preparation and tutoring, helping educators save up to 400 hours a year, Vygo hosts all sorts of peer and student support initiatives for universities and higher education institutions, engaging students and transforming student experiences, and is on track to champion 1,000,000 students before the 2020 student cohort graduates in 2023. Together, they allow higher education institutions to scale experiences for both audiences to new heights.

“We believe that EdTech plays an essential role in education. Thus, developing a paradigm for EdTech to instil flexibility and resilience into the system is key. With this partnership with Vygo, we are able to move the needle and meet the needs in developing longer-term strategies, contributing to the EdTech ecosystem and creating a robust and dynamic learning environment for all,” said Yvonne Soh, co-founder and CEO of Noodle Factory.

Addressing needs of educators and students as institutions rethink edtech strategies

As higher education institutions transition to a post-pandemic era, more are rethinking their long-term strategies for deploying EdTech. The pandemic has prodded educators and students to make major decisions and changes in their approach to teaching and learning, finding solutions to meet the needs and expectations of learning. This partnership enriches the long-term strategies for EdTech as Noodle Factory and Vygo are able to achieve this by streamlining the learning and teaching process, while providing expert mentorship for student support and career success. Together, this collaboration value-adds to the education landscape whereby students and educators can both benefit from this approach.

The need for education is constant. Thus, the need to rethink longer-term strategies for EdTech to re-imagine learning will become an integral part of education, resulting in a more responsive and adaptable learning environment. It is crucial to think ahead based on the current approach, distribution, and pedagogy in education for greater heights of success in the Edtech space.

“For us at Vygo, we put personalised support at the fingertips of every student. We ensure no student would be ever left behind as we aim to empower students to support one another and higher education institutions to create impactful peer mentoring and student support programs. We are excited to partner with Noodle Factory to establish a stronger ecosystem in EdTech,” shared Ben Hallett, co-founder and CEO of Vygo.

This partnership will offer them the means to do so and move forward on an upward trajectory, scaling optimised and engaging experiences for educators and students alike.

There is a need for an innovative approach to make headway and identify key elements of the EdTech evaluation process. This alliance between Noodle Factory and Vygo offers the opportunity to narrow the gap and immerse themselves in modern technologies while taking it one step further.

Furthermore, there may be opportunities for this alliance to be extended to other complementary EdTech companies. This will create and build a collaborative and thriving EdTech ecosystem that benefits not just educational institutions but also all educators and students as they enter the classroom of the future.


About Noodle Factory

Noodle Factory, a Singapore edtech startup, leverages the power of AI to help educators effectively scale tutoring and exam prep, whilst engaging students with personalised and adaptive learning experiences.

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About Vygo

Vygo is a Student Support Platform helping higher education providers create the best mentoring, tutoring and advisory staff support programs.

Find out more about Vygo at:

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