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Revolutionize Teaching: Walter the AI Tutor, Your Best Pal for Learning

Knowledge is the key to unlocking new worlds. In the age of technological advancement, working with AI has been a fascinating and efficient experience. As someone who has long been accustomed to traditional processes, I can attest that AI is a true timesaver. In the past, I would spend hours manually completing tasks that could now be done in minutes with the help of AI! 

As a newcomer to the AI world, I couldn’t help but wonder, “Am I this behind with technology?!” I was immediately struck by its potential to revolutionize the education sector. Picture this: AI tutors in schools. They would make teachers’ lives easier by providing personalized learning plans. They would also pique students’ interest by being simple and convenient to use. Students could access AI tutors at any time, from anywhere! This would make learning more engaging and effective for everyone involved. Surely there’s a long road ahead, but Walter is a great place to start! 

I’ve been working with Walter for 10 weeks now and I’m still amazed by its capabilities. As a learning success agent, what I basically do is upload lectures/modules, whether in text/pdf form, into the platform and Walter does its magic by summarizing those learning materials. Summaries of lectures can help teachers prepare future lectures, provide students with a study guide, identify areas for improvement, and communicate with absent students. 

Let's say a teacher is giving a lecture on the history of the American Civil War. The lecture covers a lot of ground, and the teacher wants to make sure that students have a good understanding of the key events and figures. With the help of Walter in summarizing lecture materials, the teacher could save time creating a list of the most important points, or writing a brief essay that highlights the key takeaways. This summary would also help the teacher to identify areas where they may need to improve their teaching. 

There are three types of summarizations that Walter can create: brief, balanced, and detailed. The type of summary you choose will depend on your specific needs. If you need a quick overview of the document, then a brief summary will be sufficient. If you need a more detailed understanding of the document, then a balanced or detailed summary will be better suited.  

Walter can also create a personalized tutoring flow based on the lecture summary, and automatically generates questions that can be used for reviews and quizzes. These questions may be tutoring or socratic questions. Tutoring questions are typically based on the actual information contained in the document and helps the learner to understand the material and answer specific questions, while socratic questions are often open-ended and challenging, helps the learner to think critically and explore different perspectives. These are like a roadmap for creating quizzes that will help students to test their understanding of the lectures. 

Creating a personalized tutoring flow with Walter is as easy as pie. It will do the work for you as it provides the option to create the tutoring flow after generating questions, complete with answers. All you must do is review the content and make any necessary changes. You may also customize the prompts of the tutoring flow. It’s that easy! 

With these features, teachers can use Walter to automate the tedious task of creating lecture summaries and constructing quizzes, freeing up their time to focus on more important things, such as planning lessons and grading papers. Walter’s ability to personalize the learning experience also makes it a valuable tool for students of all levels. It can help them to achieve their academic goals. 

In a world that’s constantly changing, it is important to keep up with the latest technology to stay ahead of the curve. If we stick to the old system, we will be left behind. As I use Walter more and more, I’m amazed at how it’s constantly growing and improving. It’s like a living organism, constantly learning and adapting to the needs of its users. This makes it an incredibly powerful tool for learning and productivity, and I’m excited to see what it will be able to do in the future. Walter can help you learn anything, anytime, and anywhere! 

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