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What is An AI Intelligent Tutoring System And Why You Should Use It

Most of us have done online learning or teaching at least once in our lives. But with the pandemic, remote working and learning is truly in full force everywhere.

There are many platforms and ways to teach and learn, including lesson-based learning, one-on-one learning, group learning, course-based learning, video-based learning, article-based learning, self-paced learning, app-based learning, and so on.

Organisations are also incorporating AI teaching assistants to help with more personalised and effective learning.

There are many reasons why online classes fail, so if you're looking for a way to create online lessons that are similar to in-person classes, keep reading to find out what AI intelligent tutoring systems are all about.

What is an AI intelligent tutoring system, exactly?

As its name suggests, an AI intelligent tutoring system is a computer-based learning system that uses artificial intelligence to provide human-like lessons without a human teacher.

AI intelligent tutoring systems allow you to create a personalised learning experience that provides immediate instruction and feedback to learners, usually without human intervention.


Advantages of AI intelligent tutoring systems and why you should use them

1. AI intelligent tutoring systems provide a human-like learning experience

These systems promote interaction as they utilise AI tutors that can collaborate with learners, engage in turn-by-turn conversations, and adapt to discussions.

Human teachers and learners alike have found AI tutors to be much more engaging and interactive than your basic menu-based AI bots.

2. AI intelligent tutoring systems can provide personalised feedback

AI tutors can give relevant feedback in a way that motivates learners individually, monitor the relationship between students’ emotions and learning, as well as encourage students when needed.

This helps students learn as they will be given feedback based on their learning style, speed, and needs.

3. AI intelligent tutoring systems can host multimedia learning

On top of providing personalised feedback, AI intelligent tutoring systems also offer a variety of learning mediums. While most online learning systems offer text and video, AI intelligent tutoring systems offer text, multimedia, simulations, and even games.

By delivering information, assignments, and situations this way, AI tutors can provide information in a format that best suits the learner.

4. AI intelligent tutoring systems encourage self-paced learning

Unlike human teachers, AI tutors can keep close tabs on every single student. This means that their emotions, progress, and style of learning will always be taken into consideration during interactions.

The AI tutor is also able to track students’ progress and give timely feedback so that students know where they stand in terms of understanding and applying the material.

5. AI intelligent tutoring systems constantly develop and evolve to better serve learners

Usually, human teachers only teach one way of solving a problem. AI tutors, however, can learn and develop different methods and remember new approaches that students may have.

This means that they will be able to teach problem-solving, not just how to solve a specific problem.

Get started with AI intelligent tutoring systems today

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